Aゾーン☆チーム紹介 YONEX MULAN


 こんにちは!今回2 回目の参加となるYONEX MULAN です。
元ナショナルチームメンバー、福建省のクラブチームのメンバー、そして今回ヨネックス主催で行われた全国予選の優勝者であるSITU Jin, ZHANG Cenying です。
また、新しくYONEX MULAN PLUS というチームもB ゾーンで参戦いたします。

Introduction of YONEX MULAN, Group A

Hello, Everyone! We are YONEX MULAN and it is our second time to participate this great tournament.
Different to last year, we have made us even stronger now since we brought new blood into our team and our twin team, YONEX MULAN PLUS for Group B was born.
In YONEX MULAN, We have some ex-national players, national amateurish badminton champion and players from Fujian province badminton team.
Worth saying, SITU Jin and ZHANG Cenying as one pair was selected to join YONEX MULAN because they have won the final champion in 2016 YONEX Ladies amateurish badminton series tournament in CHINA.
They are looking forward to communicate with players from other nations.
All of our team members are very easy-going and have a multi-culture mindset.
We are here not only for the game victory but also want to make friends with all the beautiful ladies who share common passions on badminton, as one kind of sport.
This is more important to us.
Last year’s YONEX Cup International Friendship Ladies Badminton Tournament was really well organized.
Therefore, we would like to express our gratitude to the tournament committee and relevant organizers for your unlimited endeavor.
We hope ladies tournament will be more successful this year.
Let’s enjoy!
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